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Welcome to your beauty diary; your creative style journal; your hair handbook. Tips and tricks is a blog that will provide you with new styling techniques, new trend explanations and new services you didn’t even know you wanted, but now, you can’t live without. You may not see your stylist each day, but now, you can know exactly what she’s thinking.

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Protect Your Hair This Winter

| Dry Hair | No Comments
It's not hot and humid, but that doesn't mean your hair is behaving. Cold air, hats, static, low humidity, and hot showers all conspire to add some special winter/dry hair…

A hairstylist. Her friend. Cancer. Perspective.

| Uncategorized | One Comment
I sometimes wonder what I enjoy more: being a Stylist or forming special friendships with my clients?  Sometimes, one appointment is just that.  However, more often than not, that ‘one’…

Straight Hair, Don’t Care

| Straight Hair | No Comments
Straight Hair, Don't Care: Gwyneth, Reese, Jennifer, Olivia, Giuliana, Selena, Nicki, and Jessica are just a few Hollywood celebs that wear straight hair with a "don't care" attitude. Often-coveted and universally flattering because straight…

The Twists and Swirls of Summer Lovin’ Curls

| Curly Hair | No Comments
2-minute read Naturally curly or not, it’s a fun look for summer! You can “go” Shakira, Sara Jessica, Beyoncé, Ariana, Gigi, Taylor, or Jenny from the Block. Pull it off…

The Benefits of Booth Rental at ArchiTexture

| Stylists, Uncategorized | No Comments
2-minute read Hairstyles can be trendy; hair length can be versatile; and hair color can be transformative. In an industry where we always value our clients’ creative style dreams, at…

Hello Healthy Hair: Goodbye Chlorine Damage

| Curly Hair, Dry Hair, Oily Hair, Short Hair, Straight Hair | No Comments
2-minute read It’s summertime and pool days are in full swing. The heat of the sun and the good vibes of friends help you soak in this beautiful time of…

3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Brookside Dad

| Men's Hair, Men's Skin | No Comments
Because It’s Your Turn, Dad. 1 minute read He’s not just any dad; he’s a cool dad. It can be easy to fall into a routine of gift -giving when…

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

| Aging Skin, Curly Hair, Dry Hair, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Hair, Oily Skin, Short Hair, Straight Hair, Tone Skin | No Comments
2-minute read “Hey Mom.” “Well, hi honey. How are you?” Let’s talk about the person you call when you have the greatest news, or the absolute worst day. The lady…


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