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“Hey Mom.”

“Well, hi honey. How are you?”

Let’s talk about the person you call when you have the greatest news, or the absolute worst day. The lady who left notes in your lunch box and tucked you into bed each night when you were a kid. The one who fearlessly sat in the passenger seat while you learned to drive, and the person who always knew exactly what to say.

“I’m good. How are you?”

“I’m great every day because I’m your mom.”

It’s hard to find the perfect gift for the perfect person, so this Mother’s Day, we want to help.  Give your mom something that’s more than a gift; treat her to an experience with products and services that she’ll cherish for longer than just this one special day. Let’s help your mom look and feel like the irreplaceable person that she is.

“Oh, Mom. Do you know why today is so special?”

“Yes, I do. Because it’s the day I get to celebrate my favorite job in life.”


A blowout is the perfect way to let someone take care of your mom for once. For one hour, a stylist will pamper your mom with a relaxing shampoo that includes a pressure point scalp massage, followed by a hot towel wrapped snuggly around her hair, moving along to a customized blowout of her liking!   From beachy waves to big curls, and everything between, she will enjoy being pampered and leave our salon with a look to last. For even more hold, try using our Davine’s Perfecting Hairspray to extend the life of this fresh style.

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Customized Facial

Unsure which facial your mom would like? No worries. We’ll help her decide. Our Customized Facial allows the esthetician to assess her skin and recommend products, techniques and treatments that are ideal for your mom. This is her chance to sit back, relax and refresh her skin in a spa-like experience.

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OI’s All in One Milk

For the moms who do it ‘all,’ we have the product to match. OI’s All in One Milk hydrates, softens, detangles and protects the hair with natural ingredients, including Roucou oil. This product works to give your mom’s hair a beautiful shine, and her daughter’s hair a quick detangle.

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“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.”

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P.S. If you can’t decide which product or service is best, gift cards are the perfect option for you!

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