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3 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Brookside Dad

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Because It’s Your Turn, Dad.

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He’s not just any dad; he’s a cool dad.

It can be easy to fall into a routine of gift -giving when it comes to Father’s Day because let’s face it, the classic tie or cool new golf shirt look great every year. But, what if this year you did something a little bit different. What if this year you gave Dad something he wouldn’t exactly expect from you…

Give your Dad the gift of a professional hairstyling, skin restoration and all-around relaxing experience at Architexture.

Customized Cut with a Product

Dad always look great when he gets a haircut, but how cool would he look with a great haircut.

“We’re seeing an upswing in men who take pride in their overall look. A customized cut is the icing on the cake to a polished look,” Tami Daniel, Architexture’s Owner and Stylist, said.

Many of our stylists specialize in men’s hairstyling and haircare. Shags, fades, trims, razor cuts and traditional combovers are just a few of the ways we can give your Dad a unique new style. Check out this article for more ideas and looks as he may be surprised with the trends that are coming back in style:

Want to help him keep his best style at-home? Our Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste has a flexible hold and is very manageable for even a low maintenance man.

Customized Facial

Help Dad see his skin look better than he ever knew was possible. Our esthetician will customize a facial to improve his complexion, acne, and overall appearance of the skin. Our esthetician, Kody Golden, reminds us that men love and need to be pampered too. “Men tend to have larger, more oily pores because they have more testosterone,” Kody said. “Their skin needs love too, and don’t forget that Dads loves to be pampered just as much as we do!” This experience will purify and restore Dad’s skin with age defying results.

Customized Beard Trim

This is a critical part of Dad’s look. Let him find his special appeal as he shapes his beard to best enhance his face shape. A good beard normally begins 1 to 2 inches above your Adams Apple, just beneath the jaw to right below your ear. Not sure how to effectively shape your beard? We are happy to assist! Give us a call to schedule your 15-minute shaping.


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