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Protect Your Hair This Winter

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It’s not hot and humid, but that doesn’t mean your hair is behaving. Cold air, hats, static, low humidity, and hot showers all conspire to add some special winter/dry hair challenges. During the dry winter months, your hair needs extra moisture. Cold windy days do not make for great hair days. This is especially true if you have thick, curly, or long hair.

Ten easy basics for avoiding bad winter hair days:
1. Shampoo less often
2. Get regular trims
3. Let your hair air dry
4. Use leave-in conditioner to combat static
5. Don’t leave your house with wet hair
6. Hydrate hair overnight with an oil treatment
7. Deep condition once a week (especially if you have color-treated hair)
8. Line your winter hat with silk or satin to prevent split ends
9. Avoid heat styling
10. Stay hydrated

Book A Winter Hair Consultation
At Architexture, we want your hair to look terrific all year round. Stop by for a winter hair consultation with our hair experts and find the right look, cut, color, style, and products to make your winter your perfect hair season.


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