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The Twists and Swirls of Summer Lovin’ Curls

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Naturally curly or not, it’s a fun look for summer! You can “go” Shakira, Sara Jessica, Beyoncé, Ariana, Gigi, Taylor, or Jenny from the Block. Pull it off and you can become known by a single name!


Summer time is the perfect time for a “wash and go” hair style. Go short with a Pixie or wavy bob; paired with your coolest threads, you’ll rock that retro vibe!  Let out the length with a deep side part that works equally well heading into work or out for the evening.


Feeling brave, pair short curls with a shaved side for a contrasting look that will create an explosion of curls! Or, just go messy! The best thing about curls is they don’t have to be perfect – consider a messy curly bob for a fun, relaxed carefree summer look.


Taking Care of your Beautiful Summer Curly Hair


Styling curly hair can be a challenge and if you aren’t careful, you can end up with texture that’s dry, course, or frizzy. If you can resist the urge to straighten your beautiful curls, here’s a few tips.


A little conditioner goes a long way. Use conditioning to refresh, remoisturize, and revitalize curls that are always thirsty. The conditioner acts as lotion does for skin and protects it, leaving curls strong and touchable. For our clients, we recommend Davines LOVE Curl Conditioner. It’s ideal for curly or wavy hair. The formulation makes hair soft and light, giving elasticity and volume without weighing your hair down.


A little curling iron help goes a long way. Don’t be ashamed to use a curling iron. If you highlight your hair, the top layer probably isn’t as curly as the layers underneath.  Use a small or tapered barrel iron on dry hair to define some of those pieces for a more uniform look to create a curl that matches your natural curls.


A little blow dry prep goes a long way. We recommend Davines LOVE Curl Primer which is perfect for detangling and hydrating curly hair. It has an anti-humidity effect while protecting hair form the heat. This curl primer provides anti-frizz action with a light hold.


A little experimentation goes a long way. Experiment with different techniques. You may discover the best look for you might be “wash and go.” Basically, wetting your hair in the shower, applying shampoo or conditioner, allowing your hair to air-dry. Try braiding at night before bed to keep your hair from frizzing. Consider using conditioner first before shampooing to detangle your hair. Or, consider timing your washes to discover the time your hair has maximum fullness and defined curls. Washing on Thursday for a fabulous Friday evening might work best for the look you want.


Add personality to your summer with some wild waves, springy curls, bouncy coils, perky ponytails, or elaborate intricate braids. At Architexture, we love helping you uncover and discover your new summer style. We’ve mastered the “undone done” curly-girl hairstyle that’s fun, easy, and sure to impress!


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